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Founded in 2020, as many food-based businesses vanished, Heart of the Table emerged with a mission to not only revive the industry but to reinvent it all together. Collectively, we have realized there are issues within the entire food production system, from the soil to the soul. We aim to remedy that by supporting local farmers & regenerative practices in agriculture, advocating for a sustainable food supply chain all while providing opportunities for the community to have truly delicious dining experiences.

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Chef John Hornibrook


CEO / Founder

Chef John is the founder and CEO of The Heart of the Table culinary company. In addition, he is the Executive Chef of Mystique Dining, a growing chain of magical dinner venues on the West Coast. 


Growing up in the City of Stockton, a native to Northern California, Chef John spent his youth visiting local farms, engaging in philanthropy and his other passions like great food and music. His path later lead him to expand his talents in the neighboring San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California, gaining valuable knowledge, skill and food industry insight along the way.  

In 2020, after personally experiencing the catastrophic effects the Coronavirus Pandemic was having on the food service industry, John was driven to find a resolution to the downturn.  He was determined to find it not only in himself, but in his community and beloved industry, the resolve to survive and thrive.


That's when Heart of the Table was born.

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