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Vegetarian Food
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Cooking Class

Our Fans' Favorite

Join Us in the Heart of the Kitchen

At Heart of the Table, we believe in cooking as a way to bring families together. Our cooking classes are designed for people of all ages and skill levels, and we take pride in sourcing our ingredients locally, making sure that your meals are not only delicious, but also sustainable. Whether you want to learn how to cook a gourmet meal for your family or explore new cuisines, our classes offer a hands-on learning experience that will inspire you to cook more at home.

An Offer You'll Love

Wine Tasting

Discover the perfect pairing of wine and cheese with our expert sommeliers. We'll guide you through a curated selection of wines and cheeses, and teach you the art of food and wine pairing. Perfect for a romantic date night or a fun night out with friends.


Heart of the Table Moments

At Heart of the Table, we're not just a regular dining experience, we're an adventure. Using our vast culinary expertise, we create experiences like no other, ensuring the food, ambiance, and service are all top-notch. We're here to provide you with the perfect event, full of gourmet style and culinary flair. From hosting intimate gatherings to curating large-scale events, let us create an experience you'll never forget.

Reserve a Table

To help us find the best table for you, select the preferred party size, date, and time of your reservation.

Join Us for an Experience

Book an Experience

Explore our offerings and book your next culinary adventure with Heart of the Table. From farm tours to cooking classes, wine and cheese pairings, and private chef dinners, we have something for everyone.

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